The Coventry Carol : Traditional Christmas Song - arranged for piano keyboard

This is the traditional Christmas melody "A Coventry Carol" written in the 16th Century. It is called the "Coventry Carol" because it was part of a play performed in Coventry. The lyrics of the carol are sung as though from a mother to her child and begin "Lully Lullay". The mother is distraught because Herod has ordered the Massacre of the Innocents and her child's life is threatened. The song should therefore be sung or played gently. This version is for piano and you can download PDF sheet music, mp3 and midi files using the links on the left hand menu.

We have a number of alternative versions of this carol for different instruments. Guitar players should check out this Guitar arrangement by Glenn Jarrett. We also have printable versions at different pitches and in different keys to suit a range of instruments, so try the following PDF downloads Main, High, Bass, Clar, Horn, Sax and Viola. Teachers and accompanists (on piano or guitar) can use this Accompaniment with their students.

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