Georges Bizet : Jeux d'Enfants (Piano Duet) - La Toupie (The Top) sheet music

La Toupie (The Top) is the 2nd piece from the miniature suite by Georges Bizet called Jeux d'Enfants (or Children's Games). The complete suite has 12 pieces which vividly depict a number of childern's games and pastimes, this particular one being a lively piece describing the spinning of La Toupie (The Top). The suite is designed to be played as a piano duet on a single piano, often called "1 piano 4 hands". The parts have therefore been designed with the page-breaks at the same bar, so if you are creating a booklet you can put the pages from the Piano 2 Part on the left and the pages from the Piano 1 Part on the right. You can also download the Piano Duet Score for printing, or download the MIDI or MP3 files to listen to. On mfiles you can also find the 3rd piece from the same suite which is called La Poupée (The Doll), and Bizet later included both these pieces in his orchestral "Petite Suite". The complete work of 12 pieces for piano duet is available from Music Room.

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