Advance Australia Fair by Peter Dodds McCormick, the Australian National Anthem

Peter Dodds McCormick (1934-1916) - photo "Advance Australia Fair" was written by the Scottish–born composer Peter Dodds McCormick (1834-1916), who settled in Australia. McCormick was an elder of the Presbyterian Church in Australia, a school teacher, and an established song-writer and choir director. He composed a number of songs, usually under the pseudonym "Amicus", including some with a Scottish theme such as "The Bonnie Banks o' Clyde". As part of a national referendum in 1977 to amend the Australian constitution, a poll was conducted to find out preferences for an Australian National Anthem. The four songs in the poll were "Advance Australia Fair", Waltzing Matilda, God Save the Queen and "Song of Australia". "Advance Australia Fair" came first with "Waltzing Matilda" second and given these preferences, "Advance Australia Fair" was made the official Australian National Anthem in 1984.

The following music for "Advance Australia Fair" may be played as a piano solo, or used as an accompaniment. More National Anthems and Patriotic Songs can be found in our article National Anthems & Patriotic Songs.

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