Antonin Dvorak : 9th (New World) Symphony - Largo for Piano Solo

This movement "Largo" was already well-known to many people, but it became very familiar after its use in a number of television adverts in the UK, particular the Hovis bread advert. The Symphony is subtitled "From the New World" and was composed by the Czech composer Antonin Dvorak during an extended stay in America when he took up a post in New York. Dvorak became homesick and this particular movement is often interpreted as an expression of his longing to be home in his native land. It is therefore appropriate that the music was turned into the song called "Going Home". While in the US Dvorak heard much American music and it has been noted that a 4-note theme heard in his New World Symphony is also used in the song Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Dvorak's New World Symphony was also one of the two recordings chosen by astronaut Neil Armstrong to take to the moon. Perhaps it was a personal favourite, or perhaps he looked upon the Moon as a "New World". His other choice was music using the electronic instrument called the Theremin which has been used to suggest otherworldly aliens in many older sci-fi films.

This version of Dvorak's Largo has been arranged for Piano Solo by Jim Paterson, and the sheet music, midi and mp3 files can be downloaded using the links in the left-hand menu. We also have an arrangement for Solo Instrument and Piano with a number of options for the Solo Instrument. In addition the original orchestral version of this movement is also available on mfiles, including the Full Conductor's score and All Instrumental Parts.

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